Christ Church After School & Summer Camp

Summer Camp Open House
Saturday May 11th, June 1st

If you are in need of an after school program please call for an appointment at 718-745-1551 or email us at

* Over 13 years of experience *
* HRA/ACS Vouchers Accepted *
* Tax Deductible *
* Transportation From Local Schools Available *
* Special Creative Classes *
* Small class tutoring in English and mathematics available for full time or drop in students *

It’s really great.

This after school program teaches them so much. 

It’s incredible. 

They go on trips, they learn and play,

and they do amazing things like this. 

I’m so thankful for this program!”

Quoted from a parent in The Spectator,

“Bay Ridge’s kids are multi-cultured,” April 4 – April 10, 2013


What we are about.

Knowing that it is often difficult for children and parents to be separated in the hours following the school day, we provide your child with:

  • A safe, concerned, caring, cheerful, and loving environment.
  • A sense of emotional security for the well being of each child.
  • Social and educational interaction between children of diverse ages and backgrounds.
  • Small group activities that enhance each child's individual talents, interests and skills.
  • Most competitive prices in the area.

** Licensed by Department of Health **


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